A lot can change in six hours

Wednesday 16th September 2015 began as a pretty ordinary day. If I overlooked the fact that I felt completely rotten – wiped out, harbouring flu-like symptoms, a headache worse than any hangover I’ve ever had and still trying to rid myself of the mother and father of all cold-sores.

My lovely husband Steve drove me to my doctors for blood tests at 2.30pm, which the nurse ‘hoped’ would be turned around quickly so that the doctor could look at the results when I saw him in two days time.

I dragged my sorry ass home and lay on the couch unable to even concentrate on the Great British Bake Off. At around 9pm my house phone rang – no one EVER calls on this number…..it was an out of hours doctor from the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

She proceeded to ask me how I felt, and told me that she was looking at my bloods. “They don’t look too good” she advised. She couldn’t confirm it, however she was concerned that the tests were showing a form of leukaemia.

I was told to pack a bag immediately and go directly to the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, where they were waiting to admit me. I threw random items into an overnight bag. My mind was in saying – “they’ve made a mistake, they’ve definitely made a mistake and I’ll arrive here and be told just to go home”.

Unfortunately there was no mistake. That call propelled me off the edge of a cliff and onto the conveyor belt which began my cancer journey.


15 thoughts on “A lot can change in six hours

  1. Aileen, you are such a strong lady. I miss our wee chats in Edinburgh Office but am sure we will get back to them soon enough. Take care xx


  2. For someone whose world has overnight turned upside down, you have shown amazing courage, determination & energy to beat this bad boy. You have lots of supporters behind you, so you will never be alone. In fact we’re all waiting for the next instalment from Miss Turban. And if you fancy a glass of vino sometime I’m free! Big hugs xx


  3. Always so Inspirational!. You have now started your recovery journey and no doubt despite the initial scary thoughts your determination will led you through the various stages you need to get through to recovery.
    Helen and I were looking to your recent photos and I have you say we both agreed that you look great in the photos. xx


  4. What a really scary day Aileen! Frightening how your life turned upside down in only a few hours. Really hope the fast actions of yourself and hospital have caught this in time and glad to see you looking so well in your ‘ turban of the day ‘ each day !! X


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