Spit and Save

There are several UK based organisations who’d love you to get involved in saving a life today.

You can be a life saver for someone like me who has been impacted by one of the 137 blood cancers by joining a stem cell register and also by donating blood and platelets. And of course there is ALWAYS a need for money so fundraising is vital too.

It’s likely that most of you will be aware of the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service – these guys want your blood! And platelets. And they manage a register of folks willing to be a stem cell donor. They are a busy bunch and details of how you can get involved are on their website.

You may also have heard about Anthony Nolan. This is probably the best known organisation which runs a stem cell register. Their current tag line is ‘Are you fit to spit?’ hence my blog title. They are a charity who register fit and healthy prospective donors between 18 – 30 (who will remain on their register till they are 60). They’ve made this smart wee video which explains stem cell transplants far better than I can.

DKMS are the third organisation who maintain a register and they will accept new registrations from people up to age 55.

The important thing to note is that all of these organisations work together pulling potential donor information (along with their worldwide counterparts) together when a call comes in from a transplant team looking for a match.

And finally the charity that puts a big protective, umbrella over all of us fighting blood cancer is Bloodwise. They support patients and families and fund ground breaking research including 220 current projects worth £90 million. It’s this research which will allow us to beat blood cancer in this lifetime.

So will you take a minute today to register as a stem cell donor with a simple spit test? Can you spare an hour to donate blood or a couple of hours on a regular basis to become a platelet donor?

I’d not be here writing this blog if others hadn’t given their time already. Go on. You’ve got everything to gain. xx



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