Digging Deep – you’ve given so generously


New York
Lady Liberty (& Gordon Hodge) #kickingcancersass

I received a message this afternoon from Keri @Bloodwise in Edinburgh to tell me that colleagues from work (Scottish Enterprise) have just donated a further £776 to the charity.

Once again I’m blown away by the generosity of my friends, family and colleagues. A quick tally brings us to over £6,000 raised now and shared between Bloodwise, Ward 8 at the Western General, Edinburgh and Macmillan.


I’ve tried to pass on my sincere thanks to everyone who has made huge efforts to fund-raise in my name but I know that there will have been lots of you that I’ve not been in touch with yet. Please know that your efforts mean the world to Steve and I and that every £ is going to make a huge difference.

As you can see the fundraising t-shirts co-ordinated by Auntie Barbara and her ‘team’ made it to many corners of the globe (NYC, Melbourne, Granada, Dubai, Belgium, Bali & Edinburgh to name but a few).

These images have made me smile over and over and I never fail to be impressed that so many folk have made so much effort in my name. And here’s what it has all been about. Getting me from this on 19th February 2016

To this on 26 June 2016!Sunnyislay